How To Choose Good Insurance, Without Claiming Claim

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How To Choose Good Insurance, Without Claiming Claim
Choosing an insurance that will protect our risk of life and other losses is not easy. Do not let your disappointment because of difficult claims. Consider this important tip.
Recently rumored a senior insurance company in Indonesia reportedly became a suspect. This legal status is set by the police after processing a disappointed customer report as insurance claims at the company end up failing.
For a customer as well as an insurance company, a claim for loss is crucial. The Customer is concerned that the losses suffered can be transferred to the insurance company.
While insurance companies are concerned that the claim is true, not asphalt claims. But sometimes there are differences of interest that led to law enforcement office as the case above.
For those of you who are choosing insurance, try to use the following five criteria, research results. You can use it to choose life insurance and general insurance:
Age of Insurance Company

The first way to choose insurance by looking at the age of the company. Insurance companies that stand a year or two last year, certainly not better than insurance companies that have been decades old. Because the company has been proven to operate well and maintain customer confidence.
But that does not mean that a long-standing company is a healthy and good company. Use other criteria.
Cheap Premiums But Not Cheap

The third way to choose insurance by looking at the price premiums or fees paid monthly or yearly by consumers. Good premium does not mean to be expensive. Good premiums should be economical, but have a fairly complete benefits.
Do not be lazy to compare some commensurate products from some insurance companies in order for you to get a good product at an affordable price. Currently some comparison sites have penetrated into the services of insurance companies.
Note the Insurance Company's Specific Criteria
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The fourth way to choose insurance by measuring the insurance company's special criteria. There are special criteria for a good performing insurance company that you need to pay attention to. Namely Ratio Based Capital Ratio (RBC), Liquidity Ratio. the amount of guarantee funds, technical reserves plus claim debt, and the ratio of claims expense.
For example, the RBC ratio has a minimum of 120% of all liabilities to customers. This RBC ratio shows the ability of the insurance company to pay its obligations.

The higher the insurance company exceeds the required minimum, the better the insurance company finances.
Recognize each of these criteria. If the criteria are met, the insurance company is eligible to be selected.
By having the right insurance, you will transfer the risk of your life to the insurance company so as not to interfere with personal finances.